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KL Coffee Enterprise is an associate company of Sri Muhibbah Tea Merchant Sdn Bhd.( Co Reg No : 513245-V) which is fully in charge of export of coffee and tea.

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our taste buds often prefer to stick to what we know and love.


main coffee bean types that are currently found on the market.


The strongest type of coffee is freshly brewed espresso.

KL COFFEE ENTERPRISE is targeting the high end market with premium quality roaster coffee (Rikapikka Coffee). Currently, the company has exported roasted coffee to Shanghai, China. Another 3 more agencies under negotiation in China are Beijing, Zhiangsu and Shengyan. Other countries under negotiation are Singapore and Australia. We encourage interest importer of coffee and tea to contact us at or call An at 6O12-3126353 o r 601 33606887.


About Company

Sri Muhibbah Tea Merchant Sdn Bhd is incorporated on the 24’n April2003. The company is manufacturer of tea and coffee under the brand name: Sri Muhibbah (Kopi Chop Nanas) and tea under the brand name: Cap lstana.

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Our products are 100% pure coffee bean powder without any chemicals, additives, and preservatives
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The products is currently distributed locally by 99 retail chain shops, Econsave Hypermarket, Giant Hypermarket and some of top brand Kafe shop in Malaysia.
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